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Excess Funds

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Property Tax Payments Online

Visit online payments or call 1-877-575-7233.

Note: Must have tax bill number available.

Property tax exemptions

All exemptions the State allows plus, Local $10,000 exemption for the elderly provided they qualify Applications for Homestead are handled in the Tax Assessor’s Office

Motor Vehicle Information

A valid GA Driver's License or state-issued ID must be presented for all motor vehicle title and registration transactions.


Individuals have a thirty-day period before their birthday to register their vehicle. This period ends at midnight on the birthday of the first person listed on the title and/ or tag registration (tag receipt).


The registration period depends on the first letter of the business name (the name listed first on the vehicle's title and/or tag registration certificate).

Listed below is the schedule:

  • A or B: January M or N: July
  • C or D: February O or Phone: August
  • E or Fax: March Q or R: September
  • G or H: April S or Phone: October
  • I or J: May U, V, or W: November
  • K or L: June X, Y, or Z: December

Registrations for businesses expire at midnight of the last day of their month of registration unless they also have one of the following:

  • IRP (International Registration Plan) - Vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds and operating interstate (traveling outside of GA) Vehicles operating interstate must obtain an apportioned license plate. For IRP vehicles, the registration period depends on the first letter of the business name (the name listed first on the vehicle's title and/or tag registration certificate). If you are an individual and primary owner, use the first character of your last name (as shown on the vehicle's cab card) to determine your registration month. Use the schedule listed above. Apportioned (IRP) license plates are issued by the Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division.

Registrations for IRP expire at midnight on the last day of their month of registration.

  • Non-IRP Weighing over 26,000 Pounds and Trucks Transporting Forest Products
    The registration period for these vehicles is December 1st through February 15th.

    Forest products include pulpwood, pulpwood chips, logs, raw gum, fuel, wood, bark, pine straw, pinecones, and other unprocessed products of the forest. It does not include lumber, which is a manufactured product, or any other product manufactured or distilled from the trees of the forest.

    Owners of truck or truck-tractors to whom forest product tags have been issued may transport skidders, tractors, loaders, and other logging equipment owned by the owner of such truck or truck-tractors.

    Registrations for these vehicles expire at midnight on February 15th.

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